Prohibited, Questionable & Infringing Items

Find out if your item is allowed by reviewing the lists below. As an advertiser on, you are ultimately responsible for making sure that buying or selling your item(s) is legal in the eyes of the law.

If you think you've spotted an item on NWsource that isn't allowed, submit an e-mail to support at nwsource dot com. Our customer support team will check the listing in question and when appropriate, remove the ad or warn the advertiser.

Prohibited items include:

Real Estate - please review our list of prohibited terms in real estate ads in our Federal Fair Housing Act publisher's statement.

Questionable items

Potentially Infringing (copyright & trademark)

Important: Even if you offer to give away for "free" (rather than sell) a prohibited, questionable, or infringing item, this will not relieve you of potential liability.

This list is updated from time to time and is incorporated by reference into the User Agreement. These guidelines do not constitute legal advice and do not pertain to any particular company's practices. When in doubt, check with law enforcement agencies, a lawyer, and the law or with a copyright, trademark or other rights owner for clarification. also has adopted certain policies regarding prohibited items, regardless of the legality of the item.

Ad removal: If we remove your ad early because it violates one of our stated policies, you deserve to be properly informed. Therefore, NWsource will notify you via e-mail if your ad has been removed from the site. You will not receive a refund.

Reporting prohibited, questionable or infringing items to NWsource: Please submit an e-mail to support at nwsource dot com if you notice any suspicious items for sale and we will investigate the ad.